Dear Visitor welcome to my website. I am René Stembert living in The Netherlands.
This website contains all genealogical data from the families Stembert, Beukman and Klinkenberg, which are collected by my brother Flip and me during the past 15 years. Pro-Gen is used for filing the data. Each family has its own genealogical tree page.
This site is still under construction and for some time to come it will be regularly updated.

Family Stembert
This is a very old family originated from Belgium, particular from the villages Verviers, Limbourg and Baelen. In early times a small village Stembert existed near Verviers. Today it is an suburb of Verviers. We have not yet been able to establish a connection between our family name and the name of the small village.
You will find a lot of interesting information about the village Stembert and the origin of the name Stembert at

Family Beukman
Between 1700 and 1900 The Stemberts have been manufacturers and merchants of cloth at the village Limbourg. They also trade with The Netherlands and one of there good customers was the cloth shopkeeper F.W.J. Beukman in the Warmoesstreet at Amsterdam. Jean Joseph Stembert, one of the owners of the cloth factory at Limbourg, married the daughter of this shopkeeper. F.W.J. Beukman moved as a child with his parents from Germany to Amsterdam. He prospered at Amsterdam and put his money in real estate. More information about this family can be obtained from the website ( of Theo Emke, a descendant of F.W.J. Beukman..

Family Klinkenberg
The family Klinkenberg has come into my life via marriage. It is the family of my mother in law. Fortunately this family is originated closer from my place of living, so I am able to spend more time on this branch. It is an interesting family, because its origin lies in the village Sassenheim . At an early time the family was named after the farm , which was lent from the Abbey of Rijnsburg. Dr.Ir A. Klinkenberg has done an extensive investigation of the family Klinkenberg in 1960 and has published a stencil book of 47 pages with title; Geslachten van Klinkenberg in Holland-Gelderland en Utrecht. After an extensive search I was able to obtain a copy from Frenk Klinkenberg from Bennebroek by surprise. He was unaware of the importance of the book hidden in a drawer.